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Bison teaches AfroBeat & Kizomba:

Bison’s AfroBeat will make you travel through Africa with the steps and the music. Steps from Coupé Décalé from Ivory Coast, Azonto from Ghana, Bikutsi from Cameroon or Ndombolo from Congo, to name a few, are part of the AfroBeat taught by Bison. Fun, self-expression, body awareness, cardio, coordination are some of the benefit that you will get from his AfroBeat.

Born in Angola, Kizomba is a partner dance that finds its origins in Semba, another partner dance from Angola and Zouk, from the French West Indies. Sensuality, elegance and smoothness are the keywords of that beautiful dance


Why you will love Bison:

Born in Paris, Bison has been raised in the African environment, surrounded by music and dance all his life, and developed an strong interest for dance early, as he danced with his family. After years of using dance, from HipHop to Salsa, as form of expression, freedom and recreation, he decided to focus his passion and training in AfroBeat and Kizomba in order to share his passion with future students, with care, humor and a never fading smile on his face.